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18 October 2005

It's Go Time!! (Sort Of)

According to the fine folks over at the best Spurs message board, tonight's preseason game with the Pacers will be televised via NBA League Pass (which is free during the preseason). Tip-off should be around 7 p.m. central time. This will be the first time I've seen a Spurs game since Game 7; my first look at Fabri, Finli and Van Exi in Spurs uniforms.

I hope Pop employs the recently written (as in 2 minutes ago) Artest Rule.

The Artest Rule: No Spurs player of any consequence shall be allowed on the court with Ron Artest unless the game is of utmost importance.

Seriously. Keep him AWAY from Ginobili. Please. El hombre es loco.

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