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31 October 2005

A Deluxe Apartment in the Skyyyyyy

My blog has moved to PoundingTheRock.com.

After lengthy and often bitter negotiations (involving me asking and them saying "OK") my blog is officially moving over to SportsBlogs Nation. SBNation is a growing family of high quality team-specific (for the most part) sports blogs featuring some of the best and most prominent in the business hobby pseudo-business, including a couple of my favorites: Athletics Nation and Lookout Landing. They have just begun to fill out their basketball roster and got off to a great start with Matt over at Blog-A-Bull.

I want to quickly layout the reasons why I made the move and I also want to elaborate on the, uh, non-reasons. Let's start with the latter.

1. Don't get me wrong, moving to SBNation certainly widens my audience and exposure. The site has been mentioned in the New York Times and Forbes Magazine and may "legitamize" my blog in the exploding internet blogging community. But please, I beg you, do not think I am doing this to gain "journalistic credibility." I have absolutely no desire to be anything resembling a mainstream sportswriter. I have no aspirations or delusions of making even half of a meager living off blogging. Basically what I am trying to say is nothing about my writing is going to change. I will still address topics of my choosing in the manner I see fit. Chris Webber is still an overrated sorry excuse for a player. Latrell Sprewell still needs to go fuck himself. PJ Carlesimo's hotel room is still teaming with groupies. And of course Ray Allen is still a pedicured nancy boy. None of that changes.

So, why am I moving.

1. As you may have noticed, all SBNation sites have similar setups. I can say from experience that the layout and interfaces are extremely easy to use from a user and author standpoint. I will no longer have to spend hours fiddling with templates and html code. You have no idea how much I hated fucking around with sidebar widths and font sizes. Ugh.

2. I get my own domain name. Finally a url people can remember! I can also now more easily add photos and charts and graphs and polls and bells and whistles to all of my posts.

3. The SBNation format also lends itself to community involvement. They have a feature called a "diary." Readers can write their own separate posts which can they be commented on by everybody, giving a voice to people who don't want to spend the time to setup and maintain a blog (not to mention finding an audience). This blog has seen many great rants and thoughts from the likes of Matty da Blade, Booth.52, Hollywood, Jason, COKE08, texastentialist, etc. A lot of these comments should have been their own posts and that's what the diaries are for. And of course you can still add comments below my posts as well. By the way, you will need to register in order to leave a comment or write a diary entry. It's certainly free and you will not receive any spam, etc.

4. It should be fun being part of a larger group. SBNation is still a young site; it will be interesting to see where any of "this" goes. When I first had the idea of starting this blog I figured I would be one in a sea of many Spurs blogs. Much to my surprise a Google search yielded no relevant results. In fact, basketball blogs on any subject were relatively sparse. This was 10 months ago; and now I get an e-mail every other day about some new basketball site that has popped up. There are a lot of interesting things going on; "this" has been a lot more fun/interesting/challenging than I thought it could/would be. I hope you'll come along.

Ladies and gentlemen, PoundingTheRock.com.

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