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21 October 2005

#10. Manu Ginobili

Position: SG
Ht. / Wt.: 6'-6" / 205
Age: 28
Fun Fact: Manu often wears white after Labor Day because he simply doesn't give a damn.

Here's another entry into the hopeless list. I wanted to address a couple of things and tie up some loose ends and this entry is a logical place.

I previously made a big deal about Manu not winning Finals MVP. I then couldn't let it go. I wanted to first post the results of the reader poll regarding who should have won MVP. Timmeh got 96 votes to 84 for Manu. That amounts to 53%. There's also one last comment I want to make before moving on, but I first should say the following:

Tim Duncan is the best player on the Spurs. He is, generally speaking, by FAR the most valuable Spur and he will be for the forseeable future. There's a reason I sometimes refer to him as "The Cornerstone." He's the prototypical franchise player that you build championships around. I heart Timothy Duncan.

In one of the above linked posts I mentioned the remarkable +/- numbers that Ginobili put up during the Finals; much better than Duncan's. This is especially interesting when you consider that Pop held firm to Spurs Playoff Rule #1: Either Duncan or Ginobili must be on the court at all times. Let's say Ginobili was on the court for 80% of the minutes Duncan was on the bench. This amounts to 45 total minutes, or 18% of Manu's total minutes in the Finals. If Duncan was the most valuable player in the series you would think Manu's +/- numbers would suffer from playing without him a significant amount of the time. Just something to think about. Or something to totally disregard. Your call.

Another loose end: remember this? I was trying to put Manu's playoff offensive efficiency in perspective. I ran those numbers during the middle of the playoffs. Here's how he finished:

1.671 PPFGA / 1.524 PPFGA w/o 3PT line
1.301 PPSA / 1.187 PPSA w/o 3PT line

If you narrow the range to players scoring over 20 PPG in at least 10 games then Manu's PPFGA is the best since Adrian Dantley in the 1985 playoffs. Shaq's best playoff performance was 1.595 PPFGA in 1995.

Lastly, my friend and Sonics fan over at Booth52 finally makes a decision on who's better, Manu or Ray? It's a must read if for nothing more than the "damn muther bastard" line.

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