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05 July 2005

Keep Your Pants On

Last week you probably read about Horry's agent saying that Rob was considering playing for the Heat next season. This was enough to send a lot of Spurs fans into panic mode. It's one thing to lose him; but to the Heat? Shaq's team? NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT. Which, of course, I don't.

Thankfully Holt and Company took care of business and Horry has agreed to a 3 year deal. It's essentially a two year deal with a team option for the third. The rest of the terms are of course undisclosed at the moment. The contract length surprised me; the guy turns 35 before next season even starts. But, hey, he's Big Shot Brob. Considering...

A) The Spurs would never have beaten the Pistons without him and
B) He made only ~$1.2 million this season...

...I would have given him a 5 year contract if he demanded it.

The Spurs owned Horry's "Bird rights" which means they didn't have to spend any of the MLE to sign him. They will hopefully use some of that to bring over Luis Scola. I see the two guys as linked in the sense Luis, if adequate, will get some of Horry's regular season minutes. Got to keep him fresh for money time.

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