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16 June 2005

"A Violent Collapse Inward"

It's halftime of game 4 and the Spurs are down 15 points. They've committed 10 turnovers and are routinely being beaten down the court for easy baskets. I would be lying if I said I had answers, but I do have some ideas.

SA's offense is extremely predictable at this point. Pick and roll at the top with Parker/Manu and Duncan/Horry or throw it into Duncan in the post. It's not working. Ditch it. Isolate TP or Manu on the wing or top of the key. Make them guard you one on one. Penetrate and shoot or dish. Move off the ball.

Instead of feeding Duncan in the post move him out onto the wing. He's not going to be extremely effective going against Rasheed or Ben on the block. He doesn't have the leaping ability to create any separation. Moving him out allows the offense to flow more freely; it makes it harder for Detroit to double team; it allows more cutters. It also makes Rasheed and Wallace come out from the basket. Duncan can hit that shot and if they play up on him he should be able to go around them. He needs to make quick, decisive moves.

Trap the pick and roll on defense; make Billups give the ball up. Duncan needs to get up on McDyess; how many times must he hit the 18' before Tim starts playing defense? Play Udrih in Barry's place. He can hit all the shots Barry can and is no worse a defender. Rest Parker earlier so he can be brought back in at the end of quarters when Detroits goes to Hunter.

Nobody of any importance is in foul trouble; play aggressively on defense.

And find Mr. Miyagi so he can do some of that magic on Manu's thigh.

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