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07 June 2005

There's a Lesson Here

Some random thoughts about last night's game:

-At one point down the stretch Dwyane Wade drove to the hoop and got stripped of the ball and didn't get the foul call. They switched to a closeup of his look of disbelief and for a brief moment he looked just like Kobe Bryant.

-My favorite Ridiculously Bad Call of the Night happened late in the game. Chauncey had Damon Jones pinned against the sidelines and barely grazes him with his left arm. Joey Crawford comes barrelling into DJ, knocking him out of bounds. Foul on Billups. Unbelievable. There's a lesson here folks: just because somebody is on television and getting paid a lot of money doesn't mean they are good at their job.

-My favorite moment of the night was seeing a closeup of Alonzo Mourning's face after the game. His expression was sort of a cross between disbelief and pretentious horror. "What? We lost? That's not supposed to happen. We have Shaq. We have Dwyane Wade. We have my biceps. Look at my biceps. Are they not beautiful? Am I not a wonder to behold?" There's another lesson here folks: the NBA gods do not appreciate undeserving mercenaries.

Example 1: Alonzo started the season making way too much money for the Nets. I think. It doesn't matter. He demanded a trade and got sent to Toronto. I think. It doesn't matter. He then refused to report and demanded a buyout which he inexplicably got. He did everything he could to get to MIA where he thought he was the last piece of the puzzle. Didn't quite work out that way, did it? The basketball gods looked upon the Heat with disdain and smote their two best players with inopportune injuries.

Example 2: Jim Jackson; gets traded to NO and again refuses to report. They trade him to PHX for Zarko Car bar ka pa. More basketball god disdain and smiting: they broke Joe Johnson's face.

Example 3: The Lakers, last year. They added Karl Malone and Gary Payton for well below market value. The tandem of four future hall of famers were supposed to dominate the NBA and cruise to a title. Karl Malone gets hurt, Payton plays like a scrub and the Lakers implode in the finals.


So it's Detroit. Series starts Thursday in SA who technically has the home court advantage. The NBA switches up its series scheduling in the finals, switching from 2-2-1-1-1 to 2-3-2. This is likely due to the possible long flights between Eastern and West Conference cities (though SEA is farther from SA than DET). But what's the point of HCA if the other team has played more games on it's home court than you? This will be the case after game 5. Dumb dumb dumb.

I'll post a series preview tomorrow. Here's a preview of my preview: I fear The TayTay.

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