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09 June 2005

Stay on Target

My NBA Finals preview is coming @ 4:15 ET. I got a little carried away as I tend to do. If you don't like it then you can go suck an egg. That's right. I just said that. Oaktown represent! 41st and Telegraph 'til I die!

The gentleman and scholar Lance Williams once again allowed me onto his show Swish a couple of nights ago. We talked about what makes good Ivory Billed Woodpecker habitat and the NBA Finals. I need to point out that I made a huge error during my segment. I said that Parker torched the Pistons the last time the two teams met (when Duncan rolled his ankle in the opening minutes) for well over 20 points. I checked afterwards and he only had 12 or 13. I regret the error and promise to floss more.

Stay focused people. We gots a big game tonight.

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