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16 June 2005

"A Seemingly Contradictory Statement That May Nonetheless Be True"

Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton combine to shoot 9-30 from the field and Detroit wins by 31 points.

"I don't know, people. I wish I did."

That still holds true. At this point I have no explanation. I am engineer; effectively an applied scientist. But there is no equation, no mathematical model, no boundary conditions that can be applied to what has transpired so far in the NBA Finals. I cannot pretend that I can make some sense of the totality of the past four games.

Therefore I will simply punt and share other people's opinions. First off will be The Wife's sister, who shall from now on be known as The Sistizzle.

"It's either homecourt advantage or some (guy) is paying some people off to get this to seven games."

Da Blade had some thoughts as well (Note: this is edited slightly, see the comments for the post below this one for the complete rant):

"It is halfway through the third and I have stopped watching the game. I hope I miss the greatest comeback since the "Memorial Day Miracle", but I seriously doubt it.

The Spurs are undoubtedly the most mentally fragile championship basketball team in the history of the NBA. Let me repeat for emphasis....THE SPURS ARE UNDOUBTEDLY THE MOST MENTALLY FRAGILE CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE NBA.

I cannot find any other rational explanation for this recent mini-implosion (nor others in the past). They are intimidated. They cannot dribble, catch, shoot, or execute fundamental NBA offensive sets. It is also pretty apparent that they don't know how to make adjustments through the course of play. Defense? What defense? Detroit is going to hang 100 on their sorry asses.

They play soft...this is what they do...they always have...and most likely always will. They... ... never defend their own (opting to play the "classy" card rather than stand up and defend their teammates by pushing back)...I could go on, but I'm pissed and other examples are alluding me curently.

It is the ultimate irony...they have one of the toughest coaches in the league yet play like a bunch of pansies.

I guess I am also generally pissy because I have to listen to the local media tout the Spurs as the best team to ever play the game. Nevermind that they cannot produce any tangible evidence to support their claim and that when a dissenting opinion is presented their rebuttal is about as strong as the classic, "So, So, suck your toe" or...even better..."My dad can beat up your dad." I recognize that they are homers, but that doesn't justify being an idiot...nor does it justify removing quality nationally syndicated shows to listen to this crap.

Up 2-0, the only thing you can listen to from the media is the Spurs' imminent sweep of the lowly Pistons. Now...the Spurs are about to lose by more combined points in games 3 & 4 than they beat the Pistons by in games 1 & 2. Checkmate...

Wake up, Spurs fans...we may win this damn series, but we are miles away from being a dominant championship team.And they can't cover, either....the ultimate measure of championship basketball.

- Seriously pissed Spurs fan

... aka da Blade."

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