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01 June 2005

I'm Wearing Gabardine Socks

When I predicted the Spurs would beat the Sonics in 5 games I forgot something very important: SA typically gives away one game per series. 0-17 against DEN. A slew of missed free throws in the 4th quarter in game 3 against SEA. Blowing a 17 point lead against DAL in a potential closeout game in 2003. Almost losing a 25 point lead against LA in game 5 in 2003 (when Horry missed the 3).

Speaking of Robert Horry, he's making $1.1 million this year according to hoopshype.com. Derek Fishes made $4.9. Why does Mullin still have a job? Answer: people are stupid.

I don't want to entirely discredit PHX's performance in game 4. They had some wonderful plays down the stretch. Nash's falling-out-of-bounds pass to Stoudemire. Stoudemire's finishing in the lane over Duncan. Joe Johnson's jumper over Bowen and, of course, Amare's clean block of Timmeh with 30 seconds left. They played well.

The Spurs played awfully. Offense? Sucked. Part of that has to do with D'Antoni and company finally figuring out that Parker can't shoot (only took them 13 quarters!) and that Duncan doesn't like to be double-teamed off the dribble. Defense? Absolutely horrible in parts of the 2nd and most of the 3rd quarter. The Suns got off 18 3s (many of them wide open) which is 3 more than in any other game this series. PHX also dropped over 20 fast break points (many of them from 3).

There's also the Popovich factor, who was dicking around again. He ran out a non-Duncan, non-Manu three separate times. That would not have happened in a game 6 or 7. He also didn't call a timeout in the 3rd quarter after the 8 minute mark, preferring to watch Parker look clueless while SA went from tied to down by 7.

Parker was 5-17 with 6 TOs. He didn't adjust well to the change in defense. Unfortunately his backup, Beno Udrih, kept passing up wide open shots.

Pop will treat this game differently. Parker, having seen this defense against SEA, should know that he needs to stop forcing penetration into a packed lane. Hopefully Duncan will hit the majority of his free throws. The Spurs will defend the transition 3 better and Bowen will spend more time on JJ. And The Sickness will drop 30+ and lead the Spurs into the NBA Finals.

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