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19 June 2005

I Once Saw Robert Horry Scissor Kick Angela Lansbury

I cannot possibly do this game justice. I don't have the talent or the guts. How does one effectively summarize the most dramatic game of one's life?

There can be no doubt that the implications of this game are far reaching. For example:

-Robert Horry just assured himself a spot in the NBA Hall of Fame, right (assuming the NBA smartens up and starts their own separate from the joke that is the Basketball Hall of Fame)? We can just end the whole debate, right? What else would he have to do?

Is it possible to exaggerate his performace tonight? The man scored 21 of the Spurs last 35 points. He scored 7 of their last 8 (or 10 of their last 13) points in regulation (including a ridiculous tip shot from out of nowhere). He grabbed seven rebounds, 2 more than Rasheed Wallace. He had 5 of the 7 Spurs points in overtime, including a highlight reel dunk and the game-winning 3.

Allow me to simplify:

If there are words momentous enough to convey the size of Robert Horry's balls then I have yet to find them. If I am ever on trial and risking the death penalty I want Robert Horry as my lawyer. I'm sure that, if he put his mind to it, Robert Horry could find Bin Laden. Robert Horry has figured out fusion, he just ain't telling anybody. Robert Horry could convince that crazy Korean guy (~Kim Jong-Il) to give up his nuclear aspirations. Robert Horry is the brains behind Warren Buffet. Robert Horry invented the internet.

-Didn't Robert Horry just effectively save Tim Duncan's reputation? Tim went 1-7 from the free throw line in the fourth. Tim missed an extremely easy putback that would have won the game. Tim went missed two shots in overtime and had a huge and inexcusable turnover. If the Spurs lose this game the story is that Tim couldnt' get it done. Tim is a choker. Tim cannot hit the big shot when it matters. Garnett or Shaq would have stuffed home that putback attempt. On and on.

-How close was this game to being a huge disaster for the NBA? Rasheed Wallace got the rebound after Duncan's missed follow up and called time out. Detroit didn't have any time outs so that should have been a technical. Except the clock had run out; the refs got it right, but what if that happened seconds earlier? The refs have to call that right? Talk about a disaster.

Or what if Rip hits the shot at the end of overtime? In case you missed it, Rip got the ball around the top of the key and proceeded to first lower his shoulder into Parker's chest and then give him an elbow to the face. Two obvious offensive fouls. The refs swallowed their whistles. What if that went in? The public already thinks NBA refs are a joke. Hell, what would the Sports Guy have written?

I am not trying to take away from the game itself, it's just that there were so many unique story lines that added to the whole experience.

Random thoughts, because that's all I'm capable of:

-What the hell was Ginobili thinking in the overtime with that bullet pass? He came this close to knocking Robert Horry unconcious; and he then had the nerve to throw his hands up; definitely his best acting job of the playoffs. Speaking of The Sickness; his shot was off (he's hurt people; that's my conclusion) but he did crash the boards (6) and had 9 assists including a great bounce pass to Horry for the game winner. Which is ironic because it was a horrible bounce pass by Bowen that forced Horry to go to the whole for the monster dunk instead of shooting a 3.

-Lindsaey Hunter knocked the ball of Parker's leg three times. Parker had an OK game. He had a big layup in overtime and played decent defense while having to face a lot of pressure bringing the ball up the court. 6 TOs is still too many, though.

-I like the fact that Pop adjusted and left Udrih on the bench; but at one point this resulted in Barry guarding Chauncey even though Parker was on the court (I guess because Tony was tired). I'd rather see Barry guard Ben Wallace. Seriously.

-How many times did the Spurs switch the pick and roll only to see Billups blow right by Duncan? Someone please explain the Spurs thinking behind this.

-Who's more overrated: Rip or Parker?

-Chauncey was 11-26 for 34 points. It felt like he 15-25 for 40 points. He led the way for DET down the stretch when they were nearly unstoppable (it felt like they scored on 7 consecutive possessions).

-God, Nazr Mohammed has no clue at times. Brutal. Rasho cannot possibly be worse than him.

-This was the first game in the playoffs that Manu had less points than FGA (15 / 16). Which leads to:

I feel great about this game. So should all Spurs fans. But this series is NOT over. SA cannot count on another 21 point performance from Big Shot Rob. Manu is going to have to play better in game 6. Because if the Spurs lose game 6 then, well, uhhh, let's just say I don't want to see how tight Tim Duncan is in the fourth quarter of a game 7.

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