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13 June 2005

Has It Come to This?

Should I just change the title to "Manu Ginobili Blog?"

Bill Simmons, aka "The Sports Guy," wrote a good article about the media's relationship with the Spurs. Similar in theme to my post but more impactful because it's written by a guy who didn't grow up rooting for San Antonio. Here's an excerpt:

Shouldn't everyone be going crazy about this Spurs team? Shouldn't we be wondering about stuff likeā€¦
1. Where they rank among the all-time greats?

2. How you could possibly beat these guys?
3. Would Miami have done any better?
4. Do they need a sweep to cement their legacy as a top-10 team?
5. If Manu Ginobili finishes the series the way he started, does he have to be considered the most dominant all-around two-guard in the league (ahead of Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady and everyone else)?
6. Where does Tim Duncan rank among the greatest players ever?

Read #5 again. Is that where we're at? Contemplating whether a skinny Argentinian making less than $7 million a year is better than Kobe? The best at his position? The best 2-guard in the league?

I'm not saying the answer to that question is "yes." But the fact that the question is even being asked is the biggest story of the NBA this year. The media probably won't treat it as such, but I guarantee you David "Globalization" Stern is paying attention.


About game 2; forgot to mention Robert Horry. He was wicked awesome.

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