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23 June 2005

By The Skin of Their Teeth

First things first. Much praise and respect to the Detroit Pistons who frankly, from my perspective, deserved the title as much as San Antonio. They're mental and physical toughness were a marvel to witness. Billups is the truth. Rasheed Wallace is pure basketball talent. Rip is beyond relentless. Tayshaun is on the verge. And Ben? Their are only two Spurs I wouldn't trade for him. In fact, you can pretty much have everybody but Timmeh and The Sickness.

This hasn't fully sunk in yet. I will post a recap of game 7 and a review of the season this weekend. I want to make two comments:

1. Thank the Lord Pop finally switched Bowen onto Billups in the middle of the third. Pardon my ego, but Matty and I were 100% right about that.

2. Tim Duncan is an amazing player. The Spurs would have 0 titles and 0 finals appearances without him. He toughed it out through two sprained ankles against a brutal Piston front line. But he was not the most valuable Spur in the playoffs or the finals. Manu Ginobili was the best Spur in 3 of their 4 victories (Horry the other). He, as much if not more than Duncan, was the man down the stretch tonight. He scored 2 less points on 14 less shots.

There was a reason there was a smattering of boos when Timmeh got the award. The fans of SA know.

Hopefully Bill Simmons will address this tomorrow. He's the one journalist I read who speaks freely on matters such as these.

I realize I am probably biased towards Manu. So you tell me:

Who do you believe was the MVP of the 2005 NBA Finals?
Tim Duncan
Manu Ginobili

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