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13 May 2005


You've seen the box score. You know the numbers. 19-34 from the line. 8-16 in the 4th quarter. Out rebounded by 11 (including 14 SEA offensive).

But I don't think that's the real story. We'll get to that later.

Here's a side story. The Spurs played the most atrocious pick and roll defense that I can recall seeing. Ever. Jerome James had no less than 5 dunks off the pick and roll, 3 of them being over Tim Duncan as he rotated from the weak side. Part of the reason behind this inexcusable behavior is Nazr Mohammed, who has absolutely no fucking clue on defense. There's a reason he has a net +/- of -72 in the playoffs (and -26 against SEA). I'd rather see Massenburg get his minutes.

The real story is, well, the same as it ever was. Offensive aggression, specifically of the Spurs best player. It was the Spur's biggest problem when their main man was David Robinson and it's their biggest problem now. I know he shot the ball about 23 times last night. It's not enough. Not against single coverage by the likes of Jerome James, Reggie Evans, Danny Fortson, Nick Collison and Potato. Get the ball. Go to the basket. It's not complicated. You don't need to stand there for ten seconds making the same foot fakes. Shoot the banker or go.

Sunday will be very indicative of the Spurs title chances. This is more than a must win. This isn't about SEA. This isn't about last night's game or flagrant fouls. This isn't about making up for the missed shot over Potato that would have won the game. This is about establishment. This is about Tim Duncan. This is about where he stands amongst the greats. Is he Larry Bird or Karl Malone? Is he Michael Jordan or Reggie Miller? Is he Shaquille O'Neal or David Robinson? Is he Hakeem Olajuwon or Patrick Ewing?

Allow me to simplify: if Tim Duncan does not drop 30 on SEA come Sunday the Spurs aren't winning a championship.

Last night I watched Reggie Evans get in Duncan's face and talk shit to him for about 60 consecutive seconds. Last night I watched Duncan miss 6 important free throws. Last night I watched Tim Duncan miss a 4 footer to win the game. And last night I watched Jerome James, who dunked on Duncan 3 times (staring him down afterwards each time), say "I don't give them no respect."

What Would Jordan Do in this situation? He'd go up to James before Sunday's tip-off and say "I'm about to drop fifty are your scrubby fat ass." And then he'd do it. What would Shaq do? He'd get the ball on the first possession, go right through James and dunk in his face. He would then take out his 24" cock and slap James right in the face with it. Yeah, I just said that. Because that's what this is about.

The Spurs need that sort of game out of Tim Duncan. Tony Parker could come out and drop 25 on SEA, weaving in and out of the lane and getting easy looks. The Sickness could slither past all defenders and go for 25 on 15 FGA. But it wouldnt' be the same. This is about responding to being called out by a fat, lazy, no talent ass clown in Jerome James. This is about marking your territory. Claiming your stake. Settling the score.

Sunday is about aggression. Sunday is about domination. Sunday is about revenge.

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