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17 May 2005

Nazr Mohammed is Killing the Spurs

It's half time, locked up at 50-50.

How many times? How many times will Nazr Mohammed butcher the pick and roll before he gets yanked? What's wrong with Rasho? If he's hurt, why did he play 20 minutes last game? What about Massenburg?

Nazr is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for 6 easy Sonics baskets. He sits back on the pick and roll and doesn't guard anybody. He just sits in the middle of the paint. This is why I have no respect for 99% of basketball announcers: it's so damned obvious and no one is bringing it up.

He would have to grab 10-15 offensive rebounds a game to make up for his atrocious defense. When he's on the court the Spurs are +0 for the playoffs. When's he's off the court they are +78. How much more obvious could it be? What exactly would he have to do to be benched? Sit down on defense? Kick Duncan in the nuts? What else would he have to do?

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