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09 May 2005

More Fun on the (Internet) Radio

Update: Here's the direct link to the NBA portion (I'm after Dave the Heat blogger).

The fine folks over at Sports Bloggers Live invited me back onto their internet radio show. We talked about the MVP debate, why I call Manu "The Sickness" and other various Spurs topics. David from Crazy From the Heat was on right before me and definitely worth a listen (he also has a wicked awesome accent). I do not yet have a direct link to my portion but will post it ASAP.

I fear I may have (especially) sounded like fool during my "Sickness" explanation, so I'll repost my original reasons here:

"I have a nickname for Manu Ginobili. What you've all been waiting for, no doubt. I have to give some credit to the very nearly senile Dick Stockton. Half the time he says "mah-no" instead "ma-new," which led to this:

The Sickness.

How bad is that? And by "bad," I mean good. Or do I? The Wife thinks it's downright awful; even calling it geigh at one point. I explained to her that "sick" means good, but she wouldn't have any of that. Didn't matter.

But I like the way it sounds. And the way Manu plays is sort of a twisted, warped version of normal NBA basketball. Wrong-footed jumpers, long-striding through the lane attempting layups no one else even sees, behind-the-back-across-the-court passes. And, AND, it doubles as a sweet wrestling OR And-1 nickname. He's The Sickness."


Coincidentally, today I stumbled across a gif of his "behind-the-back-across-the-court pass."

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