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08 May 2005

It's Just One Game

SA 103 vs. SEA 81

The sportswriters will definitely highlight the Sonics injuries during Sunday's game 1. And they should. With about 8:40 to go in the second quarter Vladimir Radmanovic stepped on Brent Barry's foot and rolled his ankle badly. He had to be carried off the court but his X-rays were negative. I don't see him coming back this year considering how bad it looked and the fact this is the same leg he injured towards the end of the season.

On the very next possession Ray Allen drove down the lane and stepped on Bowen's foot as Bruce cut in front of him. He, too, rolled his right ankle, though not nearly as badly. His X-rays were also negative but he didn't play the rest of the game.

At the time of the two injuries the Spurs had a 13 point lead. In fact, like the last time these two teams faced each other, the Sonics never had a lead. I realize this was just one game, but I don't see any positive signs for SEA.

Yesterday I wrote: "You're telling me Luke Ridnour is going to guard Tony Parker? Are you serious? The Wee Frenchmen will eat him alive, and when he does, who's going to challenge Parker's shot in the paint?" As expected, Tony dominated the PG position, scoring 29 points on only 18 FGA. In fact, the first Spurs possession had Tony isolated on the wing. He went right by Luke for the layup and the foul.

To be fair to Luke, he had absolutely no help inside. SEA's team defense is atrocious. At one point sometime in the first half Tony took the ball from out of bounds about 60 feet from the basket, immediately went by his man and dribbled all the way to the paint for an 8 foot floater. Look, I understand not having perimeter defenders capable of staying in front of Parker and Ginobili. I also understand not having shot blockers; they are a rare commodity. But what about just trying to stop the ball?

SEA also had all sorts of trouble with Duncan. They threw lots of guys at him, and consequently James, Fortson and Collison all had 2 fouls by the end of the first quarter. Like I said before, James is there only hope against TD. Speaking of, Jerome finished with 4 points on 2-8 shooting and 2 rebounds in 19 minutes.

Manu didn't have to do much with the domination of Timmeh and Tony. He surprisingly (to me, anyway) came off the bench and Ray Allen was forced to guard him. The only one-on-one matchup I can recall resulted in a layup for The Sickness.

I would like to close with the live comments from Supersonicsoul.com. I had no idea The Guamanian (booth.52) was so hilarious. And by the way, I don't collect teddy bears; I collect Dero, there's a difference.

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