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19 May 2005

"I Assassin Down the Avenue"

That Wilco quote goes out to The Sickness, who blew by whoever and rifled the game winning pass to Tim. (Note: I just saw the replay, and Manu didn't blow by anyone; AD was still in front of him when he passed the ball.)

A big fuck you to the sizeable portion of Sonics fans for cheering when Tim Duncan rolled his ankle. And then booing when he got up to walk it off! Nice touch. I now am beginning to understand why you have taken such a liking to a no talent ass clown punk like Danny Fortson.

Kudos to Ridnour, Collison, Wilkins, and especially Daniels, who played out of his mind the whole series. He was relentless; evidence: he actually shot 14 more free throws this series than Ray Allen. I honestly felt a little bad for former Spur Antonio at the end there; I take solace in the fact that he's a free agent and will probably be feeding Yao Ming and T-Mac next year. Ridnour and Collison should be a decent combo if Collison learns to control his fouls. Wilkins, unlike Rashard, seems willing to take big shots and/or take the ball to the rack. Lewis passed up so many shots in game 3 that I was actually hoping he would play tonight. (By the way, I was 100% wrong when I said Rashard Lewis was a better offensive player than Ray Allen.)

McMillan did a great job coming up with a defensive scheme and sticking to it. He did the best he could with the resources he had. Now, if he's smart, he'll do the best with the opportunity he has and give Lebron a call.

I will write some more this weekend about the Spurs performance. I'll close this up with a rough transcript of what I told da Blade during the t.v. timeout with 0.5 seconds left in the fourth:

"If there's a God it won't happen again. Look, Matty, I know I'm not perfect. I'm not a great person. But I don't deserve two of these. I cannot handle another miracle shot. Can somebody just tell me what happens right now? I don't even want to watch it live. Maybe I'll just turn the t.v. off."

...And I'll be damned if that thing didn't look good the whole way.

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