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01 May 2005

"Hold That, That's What I Want"

Note: Game 3 recap is below this post

"At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face." --Albert Camus

Update II: Oops. Uh. There's a whole other article that I missed while viewing online. And there is a picture of me. This development makes the previous update seem very, very sad and delusional. All the more reason to leave it!

Update: HA! The story posted online right after I finished my game 3 recap. There's one whole line about my blog. And no photo, either (thankfully). 3 hours spent e-mailing, 30 minutes on the phone and 30 excruciating minutes of posing culminated in: "A Web log that Seattle structural engineer Matthew Powell started about the San Antonio Spurs basketball team got an audience of hundreds after being included in Yahoo's search results." This development makes the following post seem very, very sad and delusional. All the more reason to leave it!

The front page of the Sunday edition of the Seattle Times has the first part of a multiday feature concerning search engines and the way people in the Northwest use them. Kim Peterson, the author of the story, found this blog, asked me some questions and subsequently included me in the article; along with CEOs and other people who, in the Grand Scheme of Things, are almost certainly more important than me (and definitely more relevant to the subject matter). No, I cannot come up with a rational answer as to why I am in the story; other than my inclusion is no less absurd than the fact that more people are concerned with this than this.

Being Saturday and all, I haven't read the story. There may be only two lines about me all I know, but I am certain my picture will be in the paper. Well, unless the photographer I spent thirty minutes with yesterday works for another of the multitudes of media outlets clamoring to get my story. The highlight of that experience had to be when he said, after snapping about 30 photos of me posing, "Hold that, that's what I want." My brain immediately translated that to "Right now you look like an idiot, but I looking for more of a tool look. Focus on the fact that not only are you a number-crunching dweeb, but you're supreme accomplishment in life is a sports blog." I am pretty sure I nailed it.

Presumably (and, let's face it, the whole idea behind a blog is presumptuous), as a result of all this, some new people will be visiting my blog. I cannot think of a reason why; after all, this is a San Antonio Spurs blog, and I doubt many Seattle Times readers wake up Sunday mornings thinking "I need to spend some reading a guy prattle on incessantly about a sports team based 2000 miles away." But, as you probably know, the Second Rule of Life is "Things do not have to make sense (so stop trying to figure people out)."

I trudged through all of my past posts and picked out the least crappy entries. Due to my scant HTML knowledge you are going to have to scroll through the linked archives to find the selected posts. Here they are, starting from the beginning.

"You Just Don't" - The culmination of years and years of hating Karl Malone.
"1351 Words on Rasho Nesterovic" - He's tall. He's Slovenian. He's misunderstood.
"Rick Adelman Is An Excellent Driver" - I knew Chris Webber sucked way before Philly fans figured it out.
"This NEEDS to Be Said" - The post that, according to a random Spurs fan, "discredited me as a Spurs fan and a journalist."
"More Thoughts on the Malik Rose Trade" - a methodology for the typical unification of access points and redundancy
"Look, You Stupid Bastard, You've Got No Arms Left" - How to guard Tony Parker (begins in the 15th paragraph).
"Chad Ford Molests Baby Kangaroos" - Self explanatory.
""Uhhhh, I Mean..." - Me on the (internet) radio.
"The Sky is Still Blue, Right?" - My opinion on SA's first playoff series.
"Back to Work" - More absurdity: playoff induced stress (two posts below this one).


The following is an excerpt/summary of my response to Kim's initial questions regarding Google Ads:

"A partial reason I added Google Ads was curiosity. How did Google calculate the amountof money "earned?" How many people would actually click on these ads? I harbored no delusions that the ads would ever make me more than a few dollars a year. The ads are just another piece of the process; like visitors, something to track. An accoutrement to my "harmless eccentricity," if you will.

When they were first added I wrote a sarcastic blog entry stating I was selling out; that I would do my best to use my readers for financial gain; that this was my only reason for starting the blog in the first place. I also promised that I would keep my readers up to date with how much I've taken them for. That's funny to me.

See, I enjoy the absurdity of the whole notion. In some very minor way, the "revenue" from the ads is justification for me spending unjustifiable amounts of time blathering on. Having the amount clearly shown (right below the ads themselves) is a way of poking fun at myself and the idea that my blog is worthwhile. I've "earned" three whole dollars and forty-seven cents, which is about what I make in about 10 minutes at my real job."


Lastly, if you happen to be a Sonics fan I suggest reading supersonicsoul.com.

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