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12 May 2005

Game 2 - More of the Same

SA 108 vs. SEA 91

Not much changed in game 2. Ginobili took over where Parker left off, repeatedly blowing right by any number of Sonic defenders. Duncan, Parker and The Sickness seemingly got any shot they wanted all night; the team shot over 50% from the field for the second time in a row. SEA had a marginally better inside presence; basically in the form of hard fouls on Parker and Ginobili. That, combined with Reggie Evans inexplicably jumping around exuberantly for no apparent reason, seemed to displease TIMMEH, who actually sort of got in the face of JJ and Rashard. Sort of. Well, not really. But he was seriously peeved off.

Bruce Bowen was the recipient of some, let's say, curious foul calls, playing only 17 minutes due to foul trouble. I'm sure the liberal whistles had NOTHING to do with Ray's constant griping to the press. EVERYBODY knows that NBA referees are the BEST at what they do and are never influenced by anyone or anything. They are actually impervious to all human interaction. I've seen the studies.

Ray played 42 minutes on him "bum" ankle, scoring 25 points on 14 FGA and contributing absolutely nothing on the defensive end. I think my favorite Ray Allen defensive highlight of the night occurred on a fast break where Robert Horry got an easy layup. Ray was at the basket and could have taken a charge or at least fouled Big Shot Rob. Instead he quite elegantly stepped aside, not even taking a token swipe at the ball. However, his Jordan XXs were nice and shiny.

I don't think it's a good sign when Bruce Bowen plays only 17 minutes (at one point Brent Barry was guarding Ray), Ray gets 10 FT and hits 3 threes, Duncan goes to the line only 3 times and you still lose by 17. SEA, however, did have their first lead of the series in the first quarter. For about 60 seconds. They never led again and didn't get closer than 9 in the second half.

This doesn't mean SEA can't win tonight. But it would probably take a bad and lackluster performance from the Spurs, who seem motivated and focused to a point I've never seen. I'll be there, along with The Wife and The Guamish.

Lastly, if I see The Sickness pass up one more wide open three I am going to have a seizure. SHOOTAR EL BALLO POR FAVOR.

Predictions are dumb, I know, but how can I resist when I only missed game 2 by a total of 3 points? The Spurs will drop the hammer:

SA 102 @ SEA 91

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