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21 April 2005

Uhhhhh, I Mean...

Update: They've added a link directly to my portion of the show.

The good folks at AOL's SportsBloggersLive, specifically Jamie Mottram, invited me onto their internet radio show to preview a couple of the upcoming WC playoff series (including SA/DEN, of course). From what I understand, they usually do a one hour live show on Monday nights that is hosted on-demand for the rest of the week. Most of their guests are sports bloggers like myself. Today they did a special one hour show to preview the NBA playoffs. It was not broadcast live but it will be available on-demand until Monday night.

I had a great time, and the best part is that I don't think I sounded like a total idiot.

The on-demand show is here. You can here spout off from 16:17 to 21:00, but I recommend listening to the whole show. Paul over at supersonicsoul.com comes on right after me. Corey, owner of a Pistons blog, and the "Sportz Assassin" break down the EC.

Note: You'll hear me say "I'll be shocked if it goes more than 6 games." My actual pick is Spurs in 5. FWIW.

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