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23 April 2005

Quick Playoff Predictions

I'll post my in-depth review of the Spurs/Nuggets series late tonight. Check-in tomorrow morning.

PHX vs. MEM -- PHX in 4
And just who the hell is Pau Gasol supposed to guard (and you cannot go zone against the Suns)?

SA vs. DEN -- SA in 5

SEA vs. SACTO -- SEA in 7
I am morally obligated to root for a SA vs. SEA matchup in round 2 (I live in SEA).

DAL vs. HOU -- DAL in 7
Best series of the first round by far. Home court takes it.

MIA vs. NJ -- MIA in 5
Jason Collins will probably average 12 and 6 this series. As in 6 fouls in 12 minutes per game.

DET vs. PHI -- DET in 5
So who will be first to leak the Chris Webber trade rumors? Chris' people of the 76ers' people? Maybe someone in AI's posse. If PHI was smart, they would contact Isaiaiaiaiah now before he meets with Phil Jackson. Phil may be the most overrated coach in the history of team sports, but he's no fool.

BOS vs. IND -- IND in 6
Antoine Walker's +/- with the Celtics: -0.4.

CHI vs. WAS -- WAS in 6
The Deng loss is more important to CHI than Curry's ailment. Best wishes to Eddy and his family.

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