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19 April 2005

Najera, TP Shoes and Calvin Booth

Note: Update in italics.

Eduardo Najera, hustler extraodinaire and nemesis to Tim Duncan, has a broken bone in his right (shooting) hand. He is supposed to have his cast removed today, but his status for the first round series is questionable. His absence would be huge for the Spurs. I recently rewatched Game 6 of the SA/DAL series of 2003 (the "Steve Kerr game") and the announcers mentioned how well Najera had played Duncan the entire series, including holding Tim to 3 points on only 2 shot attempts in the fourth quarter of Game 5 (the Spurs had a 19 point lead in the first half and imploded).

Game 1 is scheduled for Sunday, 7 p.m. CT on TNT.

I found this (link down) while browsing through Niketalk.com. It's apparently a Tony Parker signature shoe. Or, at least a Tony Parker colorway for a shoe not yet released. It looks quite similar to the 2005 Nike Huarache which is what The Wee Frenchman currently wears. But, I've screwed this stuff up before. Maybe it will be a France/Europe only release. According to some random bloke on niketalk.com the shoes in question are "air double figure tp 311908-001" and have a release date of 20 Sept 05.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that The Guamanian has taken up NBA blogging himself (and doing it quite well I might add, too). He's dropping knowledge over at supersonicsoul.com under the moniker "booth52."

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