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27 April 2005

"A Man Hears What He Wants to Hear and Disregards the Rest"

I hate deadlines. In college, deadlines weren't a problem even though I constantly procrastinated. (Actually, "procrastination" isn't strong enough a word.) I always planned on studying "X" amount for an exam, but I cannot remember ever meeting that goal. But once the test was over it didn't matter; the deadline had passed, along with any and all responsibility and stress that comes with it.

Unfortunately, the "real world" is different. You actually have to get stuff done. I cannot simply submit half a design, which is why I worked 14 hours yesterday.

What does any of this have to do with the Spurs? From your perspective? Nothing, really. But this here blog ain't 'bout you, now, is it?


Anyways, the combined stress due to the deadline and the Spurs losing game 1 nearly did me in. I'm talking a "under my desk in the fetal position" type breakdown. Even if I had anything much to say about game 1, I certainly didn't have the time to say it. Well, now the deadline has been inched back a couple of days, so I'll post a couple of entirely pointless (given that game 2 starts in 20 minutes) thoughts.

-What I found really frustrating is that I semi-accurately predicted the DEN offense vs. SA defense matchup. I didn't think the Nuggets would be able to run much and I pointed out Carmelo's past poor performances. Well, DEN had 12 fastbreak points, about 8 below their season average and actually one point less than the Spurs had, and 'Melo had 14 points on 14 FGA. Miller had a good game, largely due to horrible pick and roll defense by the Spurs. Speaking of:

-The Spurs miss Rasho. People look at Nazr's stat line and think he had a great game. I'm not claiming that he didn't do some nice things, but the fact is the Spurs were outscored by about ~14 points while he was on the floor. A lot of that has to do with the fact Nazr is often not in the right place on defense. As I mentioned in a comment, Rasho was third on the Spurs in +/-, behind only Duncan and The Sickness. You cannot explain that away entirely. Even if you look solely at the times Rasho was on the floor without Timmeh, the Spurs were still +3.5 per 48 minutes. That's good. (It should be noted that Rasho had a -4.0 +/- last year and was last on the team during the playoffs.)

-Yeah, Tim ain't a 100%. But I'm tired of hearing about him not being able to "explode." Whatever. I think people are confusing Tim with Amare Stoudemire. Duncan is not an explosive player. He never has been. He got pushed around just like he did last year against the Lakers. That's the story. Not his ankle.

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