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03 April 2005

I Know You Probably Hate Me; Well That's OK With Me

Seattle 76 @ San Antonio 89

From now on all my entry titles will be lyrics from Wilco songs. Until I run out of lyrics or forget.

Today's lyric, from "Outtasite (Outta Mind)" on the brilliant "Being There," is dedicated to Mr. Ray Allen of the Seattle Supersonics. After Wednesday's game, where he managed 14 points on 6-17 from the field, he said the following regarding Bruce Bowen:

"He doesn't play basketball," Allen said. "I don't know what he does. They put him out there to throw punches and throw elbows. I don't know what he's doing. That's not basketball that he plays."

It's so weird that he said this, because I swear I saw Bruce crocheting out there Wednesday night.

The ever cerebral Bowen replied with ""I've never heard the great ones say anything like that. You never heard Michael Jordan say, 'Oh, John Starks doesn't play basketball.' John Starks may play physical with M.J., the Detroit Pistons may have been physical with him. What did he do? He went and hit the gym hard and continued to play."

Allen's quote has to be right up there with Pedro Martinez saying the Yanks were his "daddy." It's foolish to admit that another player is that in your head. Of course if you watched the game you would already know how frustrated Allen is with Bruce's defense. I've never seen Bruce "karate chop" anyone (which is what one GM suggested), but he's always forearming people and he's all up in your business whether you have the ball or not. If the Spurs face the Sonics in the playoffs I would put money that either Ray Allen or Rashard Lewis will end up getting into a pseudo-fight with Bruce Bowen. You know: the opponent shoves Bruce while Bruce is shrugging and telling the ref "I didn't do anything."

The Sonics were never in this game; in face they never had a lead. The Spurs scored something like their first 20 points in the paint and never looked back. I spent the first quarter thinking "How can the Sonics be this bad? Rashard Lewis is good, but he's not important enough to justify this awful performance." Then, in the second quarter, I realized Seattle was also missing Danny Fortson. He was suspended for refusing to go into the game against the Knicks. I read somewhere that he was missing a key component of his uniform under his warm-ups. So naughty. Sometime in the second half I further realized that Radmanovic was also not playing. He has a bruised coiff or something.

So, obviously, the game was not a true test of the matchup, but it was still an important win in terms of playoff seeding. As of Sunday night the Spurs are two games up on Seattle and have the tie-breaker by two games as well (conference record because the season series is tied 2-2). Given Seattle's myriad of injuries and brutal remaining schedule, I don't see anyway they finish ahead of the Spurs.

Sean Marks, who's been the second or third guy off the bench of late, even had 9 points. Which is seven points more than the soon-to-be-free-agent Jerome James scored. I wonder who will offer him the midlevel exception first, Isiaiaiiaiiih or Mullin. Damien Wilkins, son of Gerald Wilkins, looked pretty good; he's definitely got an offensive game and he's not afraid to shoot the ball. Not surprising considering his lineage.

Enough about the Spurs. I stumbled upon a life-changing discovery on Friday. Unbeknownst to me, Nike, in 2001, retroed* my seventh (or was it eighth) grade basketball shoes. I totally missed the chance to cop* my old-school kickz*.

*retroed - reproduced
*cop - to purchase^
*kickz - shoes
^or steal

Here they are: my grails*. Damn, they make me moist. I actually had the high tops, back when high tops were high tops. Them sumbitches haven't been retroed, but I'll take what I can get. Unfortunately the only place I can get them is eBay. Unfortunatelyer my old colorway* is the most popular of the retro versions. Unfortunatelyest my shoe size is the most common. So I'll have to pay about $140 for a DS* pair.

*grails - a sneakerheads most coveted pair of shoes
*colorway - the color pattern of the shoe
*DS - "dead stock;" never worn

Rumor has it some new colorways are coming out this summer. Hmm. Those would make a nice birthday present. Somebody tell The Wife. 10.5 please.

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