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06 March 2005

Tyson Chumpler

San Antonio 102 vs. Chicago 99

The Bulls started the season 2-13. Since then they've been 27-14. During that time Ben Gordon missed a total of three shots in the fourth quarter. Or something like that. Apparently he's "clutch." He's one of those players the media love to talk about; he spent four years at UConn and won an NCAA title there. And he's not a damned furriner! Theytukerjerbs!

The Bulls were leading 20-13 with 3:30 to go in the first quarter when Bowen stole the ball and passed ahead to Parker. Tony had one man between him and the basket; he did some wigglin' and then went up for a layup which was blocked out of bounds from behind by Tyson Chumpler. No big deal. That play happens all the time. But for whatever reason Tyson felt the need to talk some crap in Parker's grill. Tony--

Wait a second. I was just trying to find a picture of the Tony Parker face when I found this. What the hell? Someone needs to blow this up poster size and put it in the Spurs locker room. He should never live that picture down. Does he even have pants on? Eesh.

--had this look on his face that I've seen many times. In this case the look meant "You realize I'm sleeping with Eva Longoria, right? And that I've already won a title and will make $66 million over the next six years? Who are you again?" At this point Tony had 4 points and 1 assist. He finished with 25 and 8. Tyson fouled out in 26 minutes with 8 points and 5 rebounds. He also got stuffed by Rasho. Get a tattoo of that, Chumpler.

Duncan looked like a totally different player tonight. He was offensively aggressive all night; facing up and taking guys off the dribble and working some post moves. Most importantly he attacked immediately. He finished with 31 points on 23 shot attempts. He needs to get up 18-20 shots every night.

The Bulls hung around the whole game. The Spurs had 16 TOs, but it felt more like 22. The Bulls also shot FIFTY-FOUR PERCENT from the field. Othella Harrington scored 20 points in 20 minutes. Ben Gordon also had 20 and made some ridiculous shots in the fourth. On two occasions he threw in layups off the top of the glass while drawing a foul. I have no idea why this guy only plays 23 minutes a game.

And how the hell does Chris Duhon start over Gordon? Don't give me that crap about "the spark off the bench." Chicago needs to put "the scrub on the bench." Shit, Duhon isn't even in the league if he didn't go to Duke. I'm not a Duke hater, but, c'mon, the guy shoots 34%. He cannot shoot the three and he cannot finish at the basket. Yeah, he can pass a bit, but if you can't shoot at least 40% (especially when you aren't the focal point of the offense) you don't belong in the league. He'll be in Turkey by 2007.

Rasho had 7 offensive boards. Nazr didn't play due to a strained groin he's been bothered by since before the trade. Manu struggled with his shot but still managed 19 points on 17 shot attempts. Parker and Duncan hit big jumpers late in the game and Duncan and Nobili hit their free throws down the stretch to seal the win. Spurs went 22-26 from the line and managed 102 points against a very good defensive team (Chicago is second in the league in field goal percentage allowed).

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