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09 March 2005

Houston, You May Present a Problem

The Wife is finishing up pharmacy school soon and I couldn't be happier. Her completion signals my impending retirement and an end to the endless onslaught of "functions." I swear, every other week I was required to find a new excuse for not going to some social gathering.

So last night I went to the Houston vs. Seattle game with about 40 soon-to-be pharmacists. Luckily I was at the end of the last row and could actually watch the game. And a hell of a game it was. Ray Allen and Tracy McGrady both went off. T-Mac hit a bunch of tough shots down the stretch, which isn't much of a surprise. However, Yao Ming really stepped up in the fourth quarter. He was saddled with foul trouble for most of the first half and didn't get extended minutes until after the break.

The Rockets consistently went to Yao towards the end and he responded with 10 points on 4-5 shooting. These weren't 15 foot jumpers or 10 fall-aways; he took the ball to the rack repeatedly. Granted, he was facing the scrub Jerome James, but you still cannot discount his aggression. The Rockets will have a very formidable team if Yao develops into a late-game scoring threat. Hopefully the Spurs can avoid them in the playoffs. I'd rather play any other team in the Western Conference with the exception of Phoenix with home court advantage.

Speaking of, San Antonio has a huge game at Phoenix tonight. Phoenix is currently one game behind the Spurs and are 0-2 against them. The Suns will have a lot of pressure on them. Falling 2 games behind the Spurs and going 0-3 for the season would make grabbing home court very difficult. And until they beat SA, people are going to tag them with "But they still can't beat the Spurs." They're at home with two days rest and the Spurs are playing the second game of a back-to-back. Duncan is gimpy, Rasho is sick and Nazr may not play. The Suns have to win tonight; if they cannot beat the Spurs under these conditions how could they possibly have any hope of beating them 4 times in a 7 game series?

By the way, tonight marks the first time all season that the Spurs are underdogs; they are getting 4.5 points.

Speaking of, time for an update on my betting on ATL exploits.

@ UTA +10 lost by 22 -$11
vs. PHI +6 lost by 1 -$1
@ MIL +9 lost by 4 +$9
currently 4-2 ATS since "losing" Walker

Tonight they play at Boston and are getting 13 points. The money line is +750. Given my dislike for Antoine Walker, the money line is hard to resist.

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