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03 March 2005

Ginobili Getting Signature Shoe?

Update II: Well, nevermind. Apparently to "20" stands for the "Nike 20 Collection" which celebrates 20 years of Nike or something like that. Please pardon my rogue journalism. (Thanks to ALVAREZ6 of the spurstalk.com message boards for the info.)

Update: (Read below first so the following makes sense.) I don't know if Eastbay just added another colorway or if I'm a moron and missed it the first time. These colors pretty much seal the deal. Manu Ginobili has a signature shoe.

About a month ago there was a rumor going around that Jordan was interested in adding Nobili to the Jordan Brand. I don't think that's going to happen, but I did notice that Nobili recently switched from wearing the Huaraches to wearing Air Max Ballers, which aren't for sale according to Niketown.com.

But, today I found this. According to Nike.com, there are only four players that wear Ballers (Pierce, Jefferson and Nowitzki) and none of them have the number 20. If you didn't notice, there's a 20 on the tongue in the pic, which happens to be Manu's number.

They are for sale at Eastbay, but there's only one colorway and no information is given concerning Manu. If anyone has any more information leave a comment of send me an e-mail.

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