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20 February 2005

Yahoo > Google

If you're looking for my piece about Kevin Garnett's TNT interview, go here.

I strictly use Google for all my searching needs. I also use their e-mail service and their new mapping interface is off the chizzle. But now that I have a small, inconsequential website my opinion has changed somewhat.

If you use Google to search for "San Antonio Spurs blog" (without quotes), you won't find my site on the first ten pages of links. Originally I was on the 42nd page; later I found myself on the 19th page. I realize the process is automated and takes time etc., but, uh, this is basically the only Spurs blog out there.

Yahoo, on the other hand, has my blog as the second link under the same search. Another positive aspect about Yahoo is that it seems they update their listings quite often. I wrote my Garnett piece late Thursday night. About 24 hours later my blog got a visit from someone searching for "kevin garnett interview john thompson" at Yahoo. Since then I've gotten 30 additional visits due to a similar search.

That's pretty cool. The thought that I have played a part in (rightfully) tarnishing the reputations of Sprewell and Cassell brings a tear to my eye.

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