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16 February 2005

X / 0 = Undefined

Popovich on Duncan's availability for tonight's game, taken from an Express News article: "He may not be as tired or needy as I think he is," Popovich said. "He just wants to keep competing. We'll have to keep talking about it." Popovich described Duncan's status for tonight's game as "double doubtful and double probable divided by a 'no way.'" "'No way' is like a zero," Popovich said. "And I don't think you can divide by zero. Figure that one out."

So, uh, I guess that means he's 50-50.

The Rocky Mountain News did a survey of 151 NBA players, asking them who they thought was the best head coach in the league. Pop won by a wide margin, receiving 30% of the votes. Larry Brown was second with 15%. It looks like you could only vote for coaches currently with a job. The media makes it seem like players wouldn't like to play for Pop because of his hard-ass attitude and the demands he puts on players. Granted, picking the best coach and picking the coach you would most like to play for are different things, but I was still surprised at the results.

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