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03 February 2005

Spurs vs. Sonics, Part II

I added pictures to Part I.

I left off right at half time, with the Spurs holding a 14 point lead thanks to a second quarter where they held the Sonics to 12 points.

Half time feature quite possibly the lamest half time show in history. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with the lady on the 20' unicycle who kicks bowls on to her head. Instead, the geniuses behind the umbrella give away decided to have a performance from the musical Singing in the Rain. Lots of people singing and prancing around with umbrellas.

How exciting. Again, would this ever happen in a place like Philadelphia? Unfortunately Seattle features the most docile crowds in America-- everyone sat quiety and nibbled on their California rolls.

The third quarter featured another Danny Fortson moment. Timmeh drop-stepped into the lane and Danny dropped the hammer. Fortson of course went storming off in disbelief, prompting a chorus of boos from the crowd. The replay was shown on the jumbotron and it quickly stifled the crowd. Total hack job, prompting A-Mac to yell "Get Fortson out of there!" Fortson finished the game with 4 fouls in seven minutes. Nice job, Danny.

Brent Barry was awful in the third, even managing a brutal air ball from three. It was at the halfway point between the top of the key and the corner, and he overshot the basket and somehow missed the backboard. He quickly redeemed himself in the fourth, scoring eight points in the first two minutes. Nick Collison responded with six quick points, all with Duncan guarding him.

With the game already in hand, things started to get a little chippy. The refs had a lot to do with this. Duncan drove for a dunk and didn't get the call. I'll let you decide.

Hmm. I guess the elbow is part of the ball.

Later in the fourth Timmeh took Jerome baseline and got the on the floor foul call. After the whistle James gave Duncan a little elbow to the top of the shoulder. The refs missed it of course. Duncan gave him the patented "Son, just what in the hell are you doing?" look. For whatever reason Duncan is the only opponent James plays physically against. Though I cannot remember the circumstances, I know they've had previous confrontations. Anyways, the ever in-control Duncan quickly responded with a 20' jumper in James' mug. Jerome came back in his own special way, getting called for an offensive foul and then disappearing for the rest of the fourth quarter.

Some random game notes:

A Spurs-Sonics playoff series would be interesting. Duncan and James have a history and so do Bowen and Rashard Lewis. Bowen took Rashard totally out of his game, to the point where he only got nine shots off. He averages 16.5 and with Allen out he shoot have taken about 20.

Beno Udrih wears the Tim Duncan signature shoe.

Seeing the Spurs play live gave me a better appreciation of how good a defensive team they are. The collapse on penetrators very well and make just about every possession difficult.

During the third quarter my wife said "Tony Parker sure is getting a lot of rebounds tonight. I bet he finishes with a double-double." (She was right, Tony had 10 rebounds.) How freaking cool is my wife?

A-Mac turned out not to be a drunken bonehead. Just a rabid fan (with a personalized jersey with his nickname).

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