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06 February 2005

A Pox on this House

According to the Express News, Malone met with Timmeh and Popovich yesterday in San Antonio. No decisions were made. The Spurs can only offer him the league veteran minimum of $1.1 million. Popovich told Karl that he couldn't guarantee him any playing time.

I have already said a lot (scroll down to "You Just Don't) about the prospects of adding Malone. I find the fact that the Spurs are still entertaining the notion both disappointing and disheartening. Do they really think he's going to add all that much to the team? At this point all he is good for is playing defense against big slow people. One of the biggest arch-enemies of the Spurs could very well end up getting his only ring while playing, and contributing very little, to the Spurs.

Why don't they just give one of David Robinson's rings to him? David's got two, anyway. And, since they're already going to sign the one player who tried to kill him, why not have a "Kick David Robinson in the Nuts Day?" They could have fans come down and pay $2 to take a swing at his goods. Proceeds could go to putting some rims on Malone's big rig. Also, while the Spurs are at it, let's make Desert Fever the official disease of the Spurs. And then, when they go to retire Sean Elliott's number, they could have Mike Tyson come up behind him and give him a kidney punch.

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