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23 February 2005


-So yesterday I spent a couple hundred words explaining why Mourning will have little impact on the Heat. Shaq then promptly injures his knee. He'll probably sit out a couple of weeks just to damage my credibility. He's like that.

-Thanks to NBA League Pass, I now know that Wang Zhi-Zhi's nickname is "The Dodger." Speaking of Wang, he played phenomenally in Shaq's absence. 5-6 shooting, a couple of steals, decent team defense. He even used two spin moves and an up and under; drove baseline a couple of times, too. But I don't think he could block me out.

-I cannot wait for the Sonics to ruin their future. You can smell it in the air around here. They're going to trade Radmanovic for somebody like Chris Wilcox. They'll sign Ray Allen to a ridiculous contract and probably go after Eddy Curry, who averages less RBP48M than Paul Pierce. They'll keep Flip Murray but let Antonio Daniels go. Ray Ray's going to be 30 before the next season starts. 30 year old shooting guards not named Michael Jordan do not lead their teams deep into the playoffs. He's just another volume scorer who's just an adequate defender. A poor man's Reggie Miller. But he has huge calf-muscles. Grotesque even. I'll give him that.

-Isaiaiaiaih wants Chris Webber. Please God, make this happen. And then let them sign Antoine Walker in the offseason. I'm dizzy just thinking about it.

-How is Yao Ming only averaging less than 1 APG; he had 5 in the All Star Game. He's 24, shooting 55% and 4th in the NBA in PPS. Yet people make him out to be a disappointment. I don't get it.

-Lebron's +/- is 8.0. Ilgauskas' is 6.3. That's, uhh, interesting.

-Is there an unspoken rule that websites for shoe companies have to be unnavigable? Nike.com is a train-wreck. It takes about ten seconds to load each page and if you hit the back button it takes you back to the splash page. Ugh.

-Timmeh's got some new shoes coming out. Ginobili is now wearing Air Max Ballers, which I don't think you can buy yet. He used to wear those Huarache things. I would link a picture, but Nike.com was designed by retarded space monkeys.

-About 12 different people have come to this site looking for pictures of Manu's wife. Hmm. That gives me an idea. Lindsay Lohan boobs breasts boob breast nipple nipples melon melons knocker knockers tits tit titties tittie titty jug jugs babonga babongas ta-ta ta-tas.

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