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09 February 2005

Effin' Comcast

Spurs 87 @ Washington 95

The plan was to come home and watch the beginning of the game while TiVo continued to record what remained. So I get home, grab a diet coke and get settled in on the couch. I flip on the TiVo and select the game. I then proceed to fast forward through an hour and a half of a black screen with "this channel will be available shortly." The digital cable went out. Bloody fucking hell.

The Comcast lady tells me they will "send a signal" to my box which will turn it off and perform a reset. Unfortunately their systems were backed up so it would be a while. Why is it that when you spend more money on something it's more likely to fuck up? My regular cable never went out. I had a walkman that worked for years but my iPod broke in a month. Plasma televisions burn out in a couple years.

The game finally comes on with about six minutes left and the Spurs down by six. About thirty seconds later my cable box gets the magic "signal" and shuts off. I wait the prescribed five minutes and end up catching the last two minutes of the game. Ugh.

Antawn Jamison scored 35 points on 24 shots, becoming another example of players that play well after I call them out. There was Przybilla, then Webber puts up consecutive triple doubles and now Jamison has his best game of the year after I ridicule his All Star selection. Gilbert Arenas went nine for 28-- he and Jamison accounted for 62% of the Wizards attempts.

It looks like Rose had another good game with 19 and seven, this time starting for Duncan. Parker was two rebounds and an assist short of a triple-double. The Spurs shot a ton of threes, 26 to be exact, and only hit seven of them. Barry went one for five.

This was an especially bad game for Duncan to miss; he matches up best against Jamison defensively.

According to Pop's post game interview, Duncan is only 50-50 for Friday's game against the Nets.

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