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05 February 2005

Chris Webber Analysis: An Introduction

Before I begin the data acquisition and number crunching, I want to layout the goals of my study.

Goal One: Determine the effect, if any, of Chris Webber's shot quantity on the offensive production of the Sacramento Kings.

Goal Two: Compare the offensive and defensive effectiveness under two conditions: when Webber plays and when he doesn't.

As a sort of mini control group, I am going to do the same analysis in Goal One for Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson and Shaq (Miami season not included). I will include Iverson and Shaq in the study in Goal Two.

I picked Duncan and Shaq because they are elite players who don't shoot a whole lot, comparatively speaking. Iverson, of course, shoots a ton, but on a team lacking talent (unlike Sacramento). These three players have also played on teams that were relatively static for the past three years; no huge additions or subtractions. Finally, both Shaq and AI have missed a large amount of games in the past three years.

Mathematically speaking, the study will be simple (more on that later). Also, it is quite possible that a similar study has been done before. I don't care. This is my idea of fun.

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