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01 February 2005

Anybody Need Some Coax?

I spent about an hour and a half getting the digital cable and TiVo up and running, and I now have a minimum of 400' lineal feet of cable running throughout my house. I will probably spend three hours this weekend straightening all the cords. It takes time to find the most efficient way to position everything. Deciding how to stack the boxes is going to take two hours by itself. We got the digital cable box, the TiVo box, the DVD player and the PS2. Then one must tape up all the wires and verify tautness. No slack is allowed! And the kicker is making sure no cables show from the front. I'm going to need a lot of tape.

One of the most fun aspects of having a blog is seeing who comes and visits your site and how they got there. People search for the oddest things. I thought I would post the oddest/funniest examples. I'll update this periodically, assuming people keep searching for stuff like:

Robert Horry groupies

So if anyone has any photos of Spurs groupies please e-mail them to me. I am particularly interested in any of the numerous P.J. Carlesimo groupies. People have the right to this information.

I am still working on the writeup from yesterdays game. In the meantime check out the two-part article by the person(s) at KnickerBlogger (you'll have to scroll down to "AlamoBlogger Part I"). I haven't read the whole thing, but as far as I can tell it discusses the Spurs defensive dominance in analytical terms. KnickerBlogger is one of the most popular NBA blogs, and with good reason. I have to admit, all those numbers and charts are turning me on a little bit... ahh, the life of a structural engineer... it's faaaaaannnntastic.

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