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19 January 2005

A Win is a Win, I Guess

Well, the Spurs (weakly) claimed the league's best record tonight. Thanks go out to Barbosa's big feet. In case you didn't hear, Steve Nash was all ready to come back but got stepped on by Leandrinho during practice. The same Leandrinho the Spurs drafted last year and traded to the Suns, who haven't won a game without Nash. It's hard to run the break without your point guard. What a news flash.

The Spurs slipped by the Clippers at home. Ugh. Another downright bad offensive performance from Duncan-- 5-16 from the field. And according to his shot chart he only took 3 shots from out of the paint. He's 15-44 his last three games. He's just coasting, right? Saving it up for playoffs? Getting ready to take over in the postseason? Resting his legs? Let's hope so.

Parker apparently played well-- 25 points on 11-18 with 7 assists. 11 different players scored for the Spurs.

The Spurs cannot blow everybody out, but at home against the depleted Clippers you have to consider a 1-point win somewhat of a failure.

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