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21 January 2005


At this pace I should have player ratings done by June.

Tim Duncan, 6'-11" PF, 28 years old, 21.4 PPG, 11.7 RPG, 64.9% FT% and 2.9 BPG on 34.9 MPG

The Big Fundamental. Ground Hog Day. The Cornerstone (that one is mine). He's a great player, no doubt. But, uh, let me see. No, wait-- now's not the time.

Duncan's key stat may be his MPG. Before this season he's never played less than 36.6 MPG, and most years he's been well over 38. Last season, the injury, the two rounds of playoffs and the Olympics have to have taken a toll on him. He has not had a real break from basketball in a long time.

I look at his full stat line, and just about everything is down just a tad. Points, rebounds, assists. If you ratio it out, the reduction in numbers can be almost entirely attributed to his drop in minutes. But, just from watching him, he seems different to me. More passive. Settling for outside jumpers or fade-aways. His shooting percentage is the lowest it's been since 99-00, but it's not way off. And Ginobili certainly stepped up his offensive game. Maybe Tim is simply trying to get everyone involved. Let others take some of the load during the regular season. But I pray that he realizes that he's going to have to step up during the playoffs. Controlled aggression.

Defensively he's been very good. Leading the league and averaging a career high in blocks at 2.94 a game. His rebounds are down a bit, but again, he's playing less minutes. And you never forget he's on the court. He's always altering shots and playing nearly flawless help defense (which is the essence of the entire Spurs team).

Tim's also the leader of this team. He sets the example when it comes to being open to Popovich's confrontational style of coaching. He's not a me-first type star player. You never hear about him complaining about his contract or bitching about lack of touches. And his dogs don't attack people, either. And his wife is hot, but not too hot, you know what I'm saying? He deserves credit and praise for all of things. Oh, and I lack how he taps people on the back of the head when they do something positive. And, again, like Bowen, another Spur with a pretty smile.

He gets a B++. His hair? Well, please allow me to elaborate.

You gotta let that shit grow Timmeh. I liked that little bit of nap. Gives you a little edge. C'mon, you got your own signature shoe, you can't go with the simple shaved look. You gotta represent. Bring back the bit of fro. F--.

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