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21 January 2005

Round Two

HUGE game tonight, with or without Nash. He's supposedly 50-50. Robery Horry dislocated his knee (eesh) against the Clips-- he could out for up to two months I've heard-- he certainly will not be playing tonight. That hurts a lot considering the Suns type of play. Rasho only figures to play 10-15 minutes. Home court advantage is a huge luxury in the playoffs; hopefully the Spurs will keep that in mind tonight.

Also, you may have heard that the Suns have traded Jacobsen, Lampe and Vroman to New Orleans for Jim "I ain't playing for the Hornets" Jackson. They might then trade Johnson to Philly for Dalembert. It will be interesting to see if Joe Johnson plays tonight. For the Spurs sake I hope the Suns make the Johnson trade. I'll comment more if it actually happens.

The Suns should be super thin tonight. I doubt Jackson will be there in time to play. They typically only go seven players deep, and they just traded one of their seven in Jacobsen. I guess Bo Outlaw will get some run.

Devin Brown, 6'-5" SG, 26 years old, 6.8 PPG and 42% 3P% on 17 MPG

The local boy (played high school and college ball in San Antonio) had a sort of coming out party during the playoffs last year. He came up big in the Lakers series and a lot of people expected big things from him this year. Then the Spurs added Barry, theoretically cutting into Brown's minutes. However, his numbers are up across the board. His high 3P% is especially intriguing, but it is hard to guage a players skill on just 55 3P attempts. If he keeps this up I don't see the point in playing Barry over him in the playoffs.

Brown's an active guy on defense. You can tell he puts a lot of effort into that end of the floor, but he needs to work on getting through screens a little better.

On the offensive end he is willing to take the open jumper, but I wish he would take it to the rack more often. He's a thick guy at 220 and a great free throw shooter at 82% for his career. Draw more fouls Devin. You only shoot a FT once every 11.2 minutes. Ginobili's at once every 5.5 minutes. But, to be fair, Ginobili is great at getting to the line (I would bet he's one of the best SG at drawing fouls, but I don't have the numbers in front of me.)

It's got to be hard on Brown. He's probably worried about losing minutes to Barry, and he's never the first option on offense. Parker, Ginobili and Duncan can all get their own shots virtually at will. I'm still high on Brown, but I'm not sure he'll ever be more than a solid sixth man for this team.

I give him a B.

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