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29 January 2005

NBA League Pass

I feel stupid for not getting NBA League Pass sooner. I previously had only basic cable and did not know that you could get just the digital sports package-- NBA TV, NFL TV, Fox Sports World, etc-- for $10 additional a month. And that gives you access to the the PPV packages. Of course, by the time you pay the extra $10 you might as well get the whole digital package.

And now, even though I really don't watch much television or movies, my wife and I will have digital cable, Netflix, TIVO, two cell phones and high-speed internet. That's about $200 a month. It makes me feel a little ill for some reason. I am supposed to be above all that. Heh.

So I will be watching every Spurs game for the remainder of the season. I am not sure exactly how this will effect this here blog. Obviously I'll have more to say about each individual game, and I'll probably do some more running commentaries (with the goal of producing something more coherent than my first effort). Someone donate me a laptop. I'll give you access to exclusive content!

I am going to the Seattle game this coming Monday. I hope to get some semi-decent photos. It shapes up as a very interesting game. The Spurs have all sorts of reasons for being "up" for this game:

-Twenty percent of the Spurs losses have come against the Supes.
-Their only home loss came against Seattle.
-This is the first game of their annual Rodeo Road Trip.
-They've played like ass the past two games.

The Sonics are coming back to earth after their astonishing 17-3 start. But they're only 7-6 in their last thirteen and Allen's been in a shooting funk. They realize that a third win against the Spurs would go a long way to shoring up their reputation as a contender, which I'm not sure even they believe.

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