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23 January 2005

King Me!

I hate cliche headlines; the endless play on words and the ignoble struggle to somehow fit the superstar's name in. Vicktorious! Yaosers! Ben Worthlessburger! Ugh.

So the Spurs went into Sacramento without their starting center and backup power forward. The Kings were 27-11 and riding a six game win streak. And the Spurs crushed them by 30. Jeez. Tony Massenburg started and went for 16 and 8. The man's 37 people. Massy was on the Kings last year. They left him off the playoff roster and he left the team pretty peeved off. I haven't learned much in this world, but even I know that you do not peeve off Tony Massenburg.

The freshly activated Sean Marks made the most of his garbage time minutes, hoisting eight shots for eight points and grabbing three rebounds. The New Zealander didn't manage an assist, however, leaving his career total at 11. Jim Grey is reporting that Marks is still 7'-0" tall and semi-mobile, which is all that really matters, no?

Ooh, almost forgot to mention that Chris Webber had his annual midseason injury. He twisted his ankle or tweaked his back or sprained his wrist or something like that. He'll miss like 25 games or so, during which the Kings will go 20-5. He'll get healthy right before the playoffs and Rick Adelman will dutifully put him in the lineup because that's what his reference guide tells him to do. And Adelman is a sucker for a pretty smile.

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