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29 January 2005


That's how much the Spurs owe Malik Rose over the next three years.

Malik Rose, 6'-7" "P"F, 30 years old, 5.6 PPG and 4.0 RPG in 16.3 MPG

No one questions that Malik tries hard. Or that Malik is a good person-- He received the NBA Community Assist Award in January of 03. And he's been with the Spurs a long, long time.

That's all well and good. But there's a teency problem. He's not a good NBA basketball player. And, of course, his contract is awful. Even Isaiaiaiaiah wouldn't take him last year, proving he's pretty much untradeable. But I won't hold that against him when grading him.

He brings only two things to the table-- energy and rebounding. He's 44th in the league in rebounds per 48 minutes at 11.7. That's down considerably from his three year average of 15.3.

The problem with Malik as a player is that he doesn't really have a position. Offensively, he doesn't have the penetration or shooting ability to be a three, and he doesn't have the post moves to be a four. Defensively, he's not quick enough to guard threes and he has trouble with guys with height. He's adequate defending guys who like to bang.

He's also not a very good team defender. Like I have mentioned before, he wanders from his man too much. It's as if he doesn't take into account who he's guarding. He'll give Nowitzki as much space as he gives Reggie Evans.

When the Spurs signed Malik to the long term deal they needed a guy who brought energy and I guy who could spell Robinson or Duncan on the defensive end. They no longer have these needs. The Spurs have plenty of energy guys in Parker, Nobili, Brown and Barry. And with Horry and Massenburg they have guys that are more capable of defending bigs.

To be blunt, Rose should be the eleventh guy on the bench, helping Wilks with his geometry homework.

I give him a C-. Nice smile, though.

Beno Udrih, 6-3" PG, 22 years old, 5.7 PPG, 2.0 APG and 41.5% 3P% in 14.3 MPG

Here's a hint to all you NBA GMs out there. Fire your scouts and just find out who the Spurs are thinking about drafting. Before the 04 draft the Spurs were predicted to pick Anderson Varejao. Not only is he having a very promising season for the BronBrons, he also has a sweet muppet-fro. Is there anyway we could transplant that mop onto Duncan's head? Or Pop's? Or even Parker's. I'm flexible.

The Spurs, having a pressing need at backup PG, and also wanting to find a friend for Rasho, picked the crafty Slovenian with the 28th pick in the draft. He was the best player at the Chicago pre-draft camp thingy, but apparently teams would rather draft really tall furriners without any basketball skills or 5'-8" point guards who cannot shoot better than 36% from the field but connect with the street kids. Because, remember, the goal of every NBA team is to move merchandise. That's right Telfair, I'm calling your ass out. I WILL CROSS YOU OVER AND MAKE YOU LIKE IT BIAATCH.

Beno's been a great addition. First off, he's left handed and has mad skills with the ladies. He's been phenomenal from behind the arc and Pop loves how he distributes the ball. He's also fast as hell. Not Parker fast, but he can run.

Speaking of Parker, I've heard some rumblings that Beno's the PG of the future for the Spurs. Let's simmer down folks. Don't get me wrong, I have a very strong man love for Beno, but Parker is special. He can penetrate on just about anybody and has the ability to take over games. And, like Beno, he's only 22. How many 22 year old PGs average 15 PPG on 49% shooting?

I think the Spurs should try playing them both at the same time. If Beno really is 6'-3", we could get away playing him against some two guards. Of course, I see the Spurs as a team under-utilizing it's running ability. We're a deep team, let the dogs loose Pop. C'mon, you know you want to. Deep deep down in places you don't talk about at parties...

Because Beno's a first rounder, the Spurs have him locked up for three more years. If he turns out to be an above-average PG it would make little sense to resign him. They'll still have three years of Parker's contract remaining, and you cannot allocate $6-8 million on a backup point guard. I see the Spurs continuing to use him as a backup PG and increasing his minutes in the coming years, eventually flipping him for draft picks or to fill a need in the starting rotation.

Beno gets an A. His hair gets a B-. It's too easy looking.

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